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Sexiest Men on TV of All Time? April 15, 2008

TV Guide network ran a special this weekend on the Sexiest Men on TV of all time. What do you think? Here are some of my faves- click on links for video from the special!

#22 David Duchovny from the X-Files

#18 Lee Majors from the Six Million Dollar Man

#17 The Dukes Boys- Tom Wopat and John Schneider

#11 David Boreanaz from Angel and Bones

Watch the video with David Boreanaz for a complete wrap up of the first on the list from #25-12

In the top ten:

#8 William Shatner

#7 Ted Danson- he’s Katee Sackoff of BSG’s fave….

#2 George Clooney

#1 Tom Selleck- watch his for a wrap of of the top 11 I didn’t mention or post- I was disappointed they didn’t mention his turn as Richard on Friends- the one older guy every woman would go gray for…..or at least think about it!


X-Files 2 News from Wondercon! February 27, 2008

TONS of HQ photos from Wondercon with Gillian and David are available on

Watch the entire panel in 4 parts online- no special codecs required!

Alternate viewing:

In 4 parts to view online

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

In 1 part to view online

Or view online here:

You can download from this blog as a MOV file:

Interviews with the stars from all over the web to view online in my video channel

– includes coverage with David and Gillian and Chris Carter and Frank Spotnitz all at Wondercon- feel free to subscribe to my feed for this category as I will be adding X-Files news and interviews all year!


The X-Files & Terminator:The Sarah Connor Chronicles Panels at Wondercon February 26, 2008


This site has both of the top most anticipated panel events from the weekend available to download in Quicktime and view on your computer!

DO NOT hotlink to their videos, DO NOT view online from the link as this steals bandwidth from them- DO right click and SAVE AS to save to your own computer and enjoy!


X-Files 2 News from Wondercon! February 24, 2008

News is coming in from the X-Files 2 presentation at Wondercon in San Francisco this weekend and it is huge!

Photos from the Panel

A couple of nice shots courtesy of which has more in their gallery

More Photos available on

Fan Video Coverage of the Panel

1st- they sneaked a trailer for the film at the panel and then the stars and creators talked about stepping back into the zone of doing the epic series as a movie again.

Video by StaticSplitScreen on Youtube

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Youtube user rhoboat77 also has coverage of the panel- in smaller clips.

Formal Interviews: got some excellent video interviews with the cast and creators!

Click here to read and view the video of the IESB coverage aka the SCIFI Network already has two articles up online from the event- I will let you know when they post the full panel as I am sure they will. They had the full panel recordings for the big events at Comic Con- cannot imagine them passing on this since The X-Files is one of the biggest shows they have in syndicated rotation.

Anderson Finds Scully Again

WonderCon: X-Files 2 Sneaked


Mitch Pileggi is in the new X-Files movie! February 13, 2008

This fan girl’s heart is very happy this am! X-Files Ultimate has call sheets from the new movie and one of the guys in their forum has it confirmed THE SKINMAN is in the movie!….5b2706beafb2fb3

I had been worried about no news on Mitch in the movie but it has been confirmed Mitch Pileggi is in the movie!


X-Files 2 STARS in San Francisco in 2 weeks!

For what is the first time as far as I know- EVER! Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny will be leaving the frozen north of British Columbia and coming to San Francisco for WonderCon in San Francisco for a one time special appearance along with X-Files creator, writer and director Chris Carter and co-writer and producer Frank Spotnitz. They will be discussing the new movie and of course the series!!!!!!

THIS IS HUGE! If I could I would go. They will be appearing on February 23, 2008 at the Moscone Center. This is just south of downtown San Francisco and has easy access by BART , Cal-Trans and even Golden Gate Transit. When you are done you can walk up a few blocks and shop in the excellent Bloomingdales and really have me jealous.

Anyone who goes and gets pictures and can report on how it goes please shoot me a message! I will gladly post links to your blog/website so other fans can share in the X-Files coolness from WonderCon!


How you can Help Dogs! February 6, 2008

Pedigree has had a long time commitment to helping dogs. Their website is devoted to their commitment to dogs and especially those in shelters needing adoption.

Right now you can do something fun and easy to help! Submit a photo of your dog to the million dog mosaic and Pedigree will donate a dollar toward helping dogs in shelters throughout the country.

Click on the picture below to go to the Pedigree site and submit your pooch’s picture and help dogs in need.

Pedigree has had David Duchovny as their voiceover spokesperson for years- you can catch some of his stirring narratives on why you should consider adopting a dog the next time you get a pet on their website.

David has had a long history of being a dog lover- as you can see by this vintage SKYONE interview from the early days of the X-files, and any of you big time Duchovny fans will remember his onscreen close relationship with the border collie “Stella” in Red Shoe Diaries. His current role on Californication has him playing the dog but that is another post……

Help out the poor pooches in shelters by doing something today to help a dog who needs it!